Dana Jorgensen grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, playing hockey and aspiring to play in the NHL. After 8 concussions, that dream was no longer a reality. God guided Dana into a career in music through a series of unique opportunities. After singing in Disney World, Dana joined a band in Vancouver, British Columbia, and toured the West Coast. While living in Vancouver, Dana started helping out as a youth leader and worship leader at his local church, which began a 3 year journey of soul-searching, spiritual growth, and honing his skills as a musician, worship leader, and songwriter.



In 2005, Dana decided that he needed to move to Nashville to move forward on his music career. Dana has released 6 albums and has toured all over North America.  Dana has played the Grand Ole Opry twice and has numerous country and Christian songs written for other artists.  He is an avid fisherman and hunter. He loves the outdoors, loves God, and loves his family. He is married to Julie and has a five year-old son, Kai.